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June 21, 2011

The Snowflake Inn, Jackson, NH

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  1. I stayed in 207 at the snowflake in. The place was awesome I have no complaints. I do wonder if anyone has had weird dreams/nightmares while sleeping there though. As I did. It’s the reason for me posting. I had a very vivid dream and I don’t tend to remember dreams often. It was like I was looking through someone else’s eyes. I know that sounds strange but my dream was about the inn and very vivid. If anyone has experienced the like please feel free to email. I woke and felt the urge to research the history of the area and found a story from 1986 that practicly left me floored as it was what I had drempt about. As for the inn. Best stay I’ve ever experienced. Extremely clean and courteous

    Comment by josh — December 23, 2012 @ 9:00 PM | Reply

    • A++

      Comment by josh — December 23, 2012 @ 9:05 PM | Reply

  2. This picture
    said POETRY to me….has it spoken to you? I love it…the darkness ..the gentle light.

    Comment by connetta — October 31, 2011 @ 11:57 AM | Reply

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