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March 15, 2009

Our Military – The Smaller Sacrifices

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Any clear thinking American can recognize that the members of our military sacrifice a great deal in our name. It’s easy to see that someone stationed in a foreign land in an inhospitable climate gives up a lot for us. These men and women may experience the horrors of combat and forever bear the psychological wounds related to what they have seen.

Even less fortunate are those who are wounded in action that may forever suffer physical disabilities as a result of those injuries.  Most tragic of all is the loss of life of even one of our service members. This of course is the ultimate sacrifice on our behalf that forever leaves in its path both pride and anguish.

For the sake of this discussion I’d like us to consider for a moment the smaller sacrifices that are made each and every day by those serving in our military. While these sacrifices will never be remembered in history books or be written of in the local newspaper they are still sacrifices none the less. Sacrifices made for the sake of you and made for the sake of me.

In order to illustrate by means of an example I ask that you imagine this….

Imagine that the day dawns for you and you are at Fort Bliss Texas 2,400 miles from home.  You are an Army Medic and quite literally at that young age soldiers entrust their lives to your care. You love your country and you love your service to this country. You are surrounded by “a band of brothers” who would sacrifice their lives for you as you would do for them in return.

But today is a little bit different…

Today is your birthday. Today you turn 22 years old. Today- for the first time in your life you will be experiencing that birthday without your family. For the first time you won’t find yourself standing in front of a cake full of candles and hearing the ever dreadful family rendition of Happy Birthday echoing throughout your home.

On this birthday your buddies will treat you well indeed but it is still different- It is still less. You are away 2,400 miles away from the woman you love, your friends and your family. Today, once again and by choice, you sacrifice of yourself in the service of others. Even though you may not think it, or choose to accept the title, you once again are an American hero!

Today my so Christian turns 22 years of age at Fort Bliss in Texas. Today for the first time I will not see him on his birthday but today- like every day I am immensely proud of him  and proud of the man he has become!

Happy Birthday Christian!

For those of you who may be so inclined if you wish to send a note of well wishes to Christian on this day or any other day for that matter his personal email address is:



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  1. I would like to thank everyone that has sent me an email today,m
    My blackberry has been going off all day. May God bless all of you.

    Comment by Christian — March 15, 2009 @ 9:21 PM | Reply

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