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February 23, 2009

Janni update – Marine in Iraq

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Janni called me at bout 3:10 this morning. We were able to have about a 40 minute phone call. He calls from a phone center where he has to stand in line for up to an hour and a half to use the phone for 30 minutes. When that time is done someone yells to get off the phone and then the next person takes over. For some reason during this call he got an extra ten minutes of time. Of course he had a lot to say and I will try to relay what I remember.

As I recall time difference was about six hours ahead for him- so where it was 3AM here it was 9AM there. It is cold almost all of the time- as low as 15 degrees! I guess that he is currently in northern Iraq and he says there are sand storms all the time. Today he is flying out on a C-130 to a new base some where further south. He states that he is excited because they have better “chow” there. He is also excited because they have showers there as well and he has now been three weeks without a shower!

In terms of getting mail… he said MotoMail works great and he said that he has received MotoMail from me, Linda and Barbara. I don’t remember is he said anyone else. He says those letters come like a pay check where you have to tear the perforated edges off to open it. If pictures are part of the MotoMail the quality has been great. As to regular mail he ahs received some- but not a ton. In classic Janni style he said he received a letter “from some guy onthe Supreme Court or something.” Apparently this may have been linked to the Merimack groups effort to get letters out to local soldiers. The funny thing is that when he saw that this letter was from “court” he thought that he was in trouble. He also said that he has received letters from people that he doesn’t even know which is nice. Apparently letters can take a long time to get to him and are indeed sporadic.

He has not received any packages yet. I know Deb and I sent one out about two weeks ago and he is still waiting for it. His one biggest request for us to send to him was rather random… Smores Flavored Pop Tarts. Somehow he was able to get hold of one over there and it reminded him of how much he loved them as a kid. He of course is always interested in gum as that helps keep him awake when he is tired.

He seems to be liking the experience overall. Due to a change in agreement between the United States and Iraq they are doing less patrols “outside the wire.” When he has gone out he said the kids are a bit crazy and like little beggars, The try to jump all over you and take your pens and whatever else they can get. He says the poverty is terribel and all of the old men have terrible teeth!

As a bit of sad news one of his buddies had to fly home when he got word that his Mom had died unexpectedly on Valentine’s Day. Life is both short and unpredictable indeed. I want to personally thank everyone who has written to or prayed for Janni. Don’t be discouraged if your letters or packages have not gotten to him yet- he is anxiously awaiting them! For those who have lost his mailing address I am including it below.

Blessings- Chet

For those who would have an interest in sending him mail or care packages his address is listed below. It must be written exactly in that format:

LCpl DuPont, Janos


Golf CO 4th Platoon

Unit 40185

FPO AP 96426-0185

If you have any questions please let me know!


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