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January 20, 2009

Barack Obama – A Man not a God!

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I did not vote for Barack Obama yet I am now one of his supporters. I don’t like his politics nor will I likely be happy with his execution of policy from both a legal, economic or spiritual objective. Despite this I wish him the best and hope that I am proven wrong. I have no choice but to wish him the success because I am a citizen of this country and if things don’t go well that negatively impacts me. Even more importantly I have two boys in the military and the decisions he makes each day will potentially affect them to the detriment of their lives.

What is troublesome to me is the level of pure God like worship being heaped upon this man. Forget the question of whether he is worthy of the job for the time for that debate has passed. He is the now the President! In addition to being the President he is a husband and a father. He has dreams and fears. He has both successes and failures to his credit. He is in fact a mere mortal- a man- not a God!

How can even Barrack Obama’s most ardent supporters expect him to live up to the expectations that have been placed upon him? While the warm, fuzzy glow of Obama Nation will likely last for a time it will, for most, soon fade. It must fade for it will be impossible for Obama to fulfill all of the expectations that have been placed upon him. All this while still needing to be husband and a father.

So to Barrack Obama I wish you well today and from this day forward. The road will be both difficult and fraught with peril. The journey will be long and you will no doubt grow weary. You have asked for an awesome responsibility and that wish has been granted. Do with this opportunity the best that you, a simple and mortal man may do.

For the rest of you ardently support him if you so desire but don’t worship him like a God. He is no more a God than you or I. There is only one true God and to that God I pray for both Barrack Obama and our nation this day.


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  1. Amen !

    Comment by jay — February 14, 2009 @ 4:33 PM | Reply

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