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January 19, 2009

Heroes vs. Microscopes

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Who amongst us doesn’t have a personal hero or two? This may be someone we personally know or are related to. The subject of our adoration could also be a public or historic figure that we have never met. Usually we are drawn to worship that person based upon the life experience or example that person has publicly put forth. It is helpful to have role models who can show us how to live our lives in a good and honorable way. The problem with real life heroes is that they are not the thing of comic books. While comic book heroes can be perfect- not so for human heroes. Could your heroes stand a microscopic examination?

Throughout history heroic figure have proven themselves to be not terribly dissimilar from you and I. While displaying amazingly positive attributes either for a moment or a lifetime they are still prone to human frailties and sin. People, much like sausage, can seem very good at first glance. Better perhaps that these only be viewed from afar for their detailed composition might be far less attractive to us in the end.

Without much of an effort we can recall great role models with wonderful attributes that history has since shown to possibly have a less admirable side to them. Dr. Martin Luther King, John F. Kennedy, Barry Bonds….

One of my most recent posting to this blog told the story of a man that I, as a child, idolized. My experience with that man was based upon one moment in time that I remember clearly to this day. Shortly after posting there was a comment attached to story from someone who claims to have known the man. That person told of a side of the man which if true is indeed far from honorable.

In fairness the anonymity of the World Wide Web allows anyone to say what they wish about whom they wish. The commenter may be right or may be wrong but forever my view of that previously heroic figure in my life will always be somewhat tainted with uncertainty.

The lesson from all of this is that we should be careful as to what or whom we choose to worship. I would like to think that all humans are capable of great deeds of good. Conversely we are also susceptibility to imperfections as well based upon our sinful natures. Emulate that which is good in others but recognize that even our super heroes are sometimes far less than super.


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