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January 1, 2009

A Homeless Man and a Fallen Bird

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I have always been intrigued by dreams. In dreams you can do and be most anything in the world. Of course dreams can also sometimes be terrifying and yes- on occasion they can teach us a lesson from deep within our own psyche. Such was last night’s episode…

There was a homeless man full of despair and lacking self worth. He had been homeless for years and had lost all hope for his future. He literally lived meal to meal seeking out scraps of food from garbage cans or anywhere else he might chance upon it.

One day while in a park he came across a baby bird that had fallen from its nest. The man picked the bird up and studied it closely. His heart was touched by the bird because he saw it as a reflection of himself. The bird was now homeless as well. The bird was hungry as well. The bird was without hope as well.

The homeless man dedicated himself to helping this bird survive. The homeless man provided the bird shelter. Without any knowledge of how to feed the bird he tried different things including grinding bits of seed into a pulp. He even ground up bugs into a mash that he fed the bird on the tip of a knife that he carried. A knife that had been intended for violence was now being used as a tool of mercy.

As the dream goes on the homeless man is successful in his efforts and the bird survives and as it turns out it in turn saves the man. The man is inspired by his efforts to save the bird and the scales are removed from his eyes allowing him to see differently. He no longer places his sole focus upon himself and his own plight but chooses to focus on the plight of others. If he can help a lowly bird that is homeless, hungry and without hope he can certainly help other people- people like himself.

The dream grows fuzzy here but the man organizes efforts to gain food and shelter for the fellow homeless people he had previously ignored. He chooses not to focus on his own plight but upon the plight of those around him. Suddenly life isn’t solely about him but rather about others. His all consuming inner anguish is slowly extinguished by his service to others.

The dream did remind me of a saying I have known for years: “I used to cry because I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet.”

What does this dream teach me? What does this dream teach you? Are you the one so focused upon your own plight that you lose sight of those around you who are suffering far greater trials? Is it possible to ease your own pain by focusing not upon yourself but upon others?

Or was it just a silly dream?



  1. Naser,

    Please do help others because so many are so much worse off than even you. Tell your story to them so that you may help them avoid a difficult path in the future.

    I understand how pride and embarrassment would naturally make you shy away from seeking help. Do not let this interfere with your efforts to do something as simple as getting a meal. Offer your services for a particular need they may have or even try and get a permanent job. If they should insist upon simply being kind and offering you food then accept that. It is a gift from God and as such should not be refused.

    Tonight know that there is someone thinking of you and praying for you as well. I have faith in your ability to move forward from this moment and help not just yourself but others as well. Please keep me updated.


    Comment by onemanoneview — January 12, 2009 @ 2:42 AM | Reply

  2. Thanks for you quick reply! May God reward you for the advice you have given me.

    My dear friend, it seems that my pride is preventing me to go and ask for a meal even with offering to work. I am afraid they will offer me a meal any way. Does it really worth at this stage , i ask myself or should i continue to be hungry and instead focus on helping others. i have a good story to tell to others about my life. A story that could help others avoid the stray path that could lead to self destruction.

    Best regards

    P.S. I am in Orlando FL and have not contact anyone . I am afraid of exposure and i am very shamefull

    Comment by naser — January 12, 2009 @ 2:10 AM | Reply

  3. Naser,

    I am so sorry for your plight! Please focus upon the positive in your life right now. God has provided you with a car for shelter and a computer to communicate with others. I am sorry that you are hungry but don’t wait for people to feed you- you can take care of that yourself. Go to fast food restaurants and ask if you can help clean up or do other tasks in exchange for a single meal. You may get rejected a number of times but I am sure your efforts will pay off on occasion.

    Also – pray that God might assist you in your trial. Have you considered contacting some local Churches to see if they can refer you to organizations for assistance?

    Where are you located now?

    Sleep tonight knowing that someone cares for you and your plight!

    Blessings – Chet

    Comment by onemanoneview — January 12, 2009 @ 1:44 AM | Reply

  4. this is a great story. it has somewhat inspired m3. i am about to be completely homeless if it was not for my car. I am setting in my car with no money or food. only me and my labtop and some clothing. i have not eating for hours. i keep hoping someone will notice and offer me food but that will never happen. no one will come to save me like that homeless man save the bird. so i have to find me a bird to save or even more find me another person to save.

    great story. please advice me on how can i help others. i really want to….

    Comment by naser — January 12, 2009 @ 1:27 AM | Reply

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